While Mehta Balia is solely focused on outsourcing, we are unlike most Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms. Drawing on our unique history, people, and approach, we have developed specific qualities that work to deliver maximum value when outsourcing finance, accounting, and tax preparation.

Professional Service : Our professionals are well-trained and operate under the highest levels of integrity, efficiency, flexibility, speed, and control and regularly provide our clients with input on best practices.

Singular Focus on Finance, Accounting & Tax Planning : We have considerable experience in areas of Finance, Accounting & Tax Planning. We have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to provide you with sophisticated Finance and Accounting services.
Niche Target market : Our focus is on small and mid sized companies, to help them focus on providing higher value added services to their clients.
Highly Skilled and Expert team : All of our professionals hold CPA's ,CA's license and MBA's with experience in outsourcing related process and activities.
Unique offshore approach : We enable our clients to move the labor intensive portions of your practice offshore allowing our clients to take advantage of labor savings and process efficiencies.
Safe and secure Data security structure : Through our stringent privacy policy, we can maintain a high standard in data security.
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