Mehta Balia Consultants Private Limited is an organization serving as a single window outsourcing solution for all Finance, Accounting and Tax Related services. We are affiliated with K.K.MEHTA CPA PC, a New York based firm of CPA's with over 25 years of practice and over 500 clients in the USA. We are a specialist knowledge process outsourcing company located in India.

We have a unique combination of a highly qualified and enthusiastic team based in India and another in the United States with a complete understanding of all aspects of the Internal Revenue Code, Taxation Laws and all rules and regulations. We offer you the flexibility of cost savings by moving your back end office work to India, whereas all customer queries can be resolved from our US office. It is the finest blend of economy, efficiency and quality.

With many CPA's, CA's and years of experience as a professional services organization, we are able to offer a complete range of services for businesses and individuals. From individual tax planning services to complex corporate consulting engagements, we are ready and able to be your full service accounting firm. Mehta Balia Consultants offers our client-partners valuable benefits from improved financial operations including increased efficiency, flexibility, and transparency, while minimizing risks and costs.

Our team includes:

K. K. Mehta; B.Com(Hons), CA, CPA, MBA

Rakesh Balia; B.Com(Hons), CA
Vikas Balia; B.Com(Hons), CA, LLB, LLM
  and many other support staff.

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