Mapping and Resourses Profiling Process

Detailed mapping of existing processes to understand current workflow process requirements and activity times.

Profiling of resources required in the offshore operations.
Process Migration and Implementation
Structured approach to process migration using a well defined transition and implementation frame work ensures smooth transfer of processes.
Comprehensive process documentation, migration and training plan.
Clear delineation of responsibilities among onshore and offshore staff accelerates resolution of issues and enables effective process implementation.
Tracking Input Quality
Complete checking of source documents by processors using a detailed check-list.
Clearly defined business rules at the time of process migration ensures quick handling of 'exceptions'.
Ensuring Output quality
Specialized resource for reviewing the quality of work.
Close monitoring of service levels of process by dedicated process leader.
Use of quality techniques like random sampling, fishbone analysis, and process charts ensures compliance to high quality standards extensive process training for agents.
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